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Rated 5 out of 5

Contacted, Joe the owner. and he came out as he has scheduled on time to look at my needs. Even accommodated me on some days we were closed to do the work. Reasonable prices, and more knowledgeable than others that done work for me. Tackled the big jobs when others would’t even look at it. Have used him on several occasions and the go to guy for any of my electrical needs in the future.

Rated 5 out of 5

Excellent work..friendly service

Brad watts
Rated 5 out of 5

Outstanding work by Power Up in getting electricity to our new storage building. Joe is expert in his trade, and treats his customers as his top priority. Did a super job, and they stand by their work. We definitely recommend. Thanks again!

Scott B.
Rated 5 out of 5

Called a electrician I have used for years to do some electrical work on a commercial building I own on Park Blvd, in Rogersville. Used him for all my work for years. Met him on an agreed upon scheduled meeting to go over what I needed and asked for his suggestions. He left to get some pricing for me, and I did not hear back from him for about 2 weeks, and then he called to say, he was a little afraid to get up that high and do work. I offered to rent him a bucket truck, and still just got excuses and could see he did not want to do the work.
Then called two other guys, one a relative and the other one is close friend. Met with both of them, on a scheduled meeting, and went over everything I wanted done. Both said they would get back to me, been over two months and still no contact at all from either of them.
Then I was driving through town one morning and was listening to WRGS, Swap Shop, and Monica was talking about a new sponsor for Swap Shop. Power Up Electric, and done a great sales pitch for Joe, the owner. I could remember his phone number and called him, and met with him the same day. Got his ideas and estimated pricing and I asked when he could start. He said, right now if it’s OK. Turned him loose and over the next few days, he was finished. Proceeded to go in the restaurant, and check things out, and he saw some things that needed to be taken care, and again, I turned him loose. Have used him several times at the restaurant and here at my home on several occasions.
He does great work, and is very knowledgeable, goes over everything up front to what he is going to do, and estimates what it is going to cost, so you will not be shell shocked when he hands you a bill.
Not a local guy, but has moved here to make Rogersville his home area. Doing a lot of commercial work in the area and in Sullivan County.
Rates are in line with everyone, if not better than some others I may know about. Nice man and wife answers his phone calls and schedules his appointments.
I would highly recommend him to give you an estimate, and do the work you may need done.
Believe me, if I did not believe in him, I would not have used him, nor would I be recommending him to you now.
Probably just a little hungrier than these other whipper snappers that don’t want to work, just dabble in it when they need a little money to jive on that week.
Daily work, emergency and weekends. He goes out just the same. Have had to use him on weekends before and he was Johnny on the spot.
Give him a call, no job is to small or too large or this guy.


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